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Seagate says it can now offer this performance by literally divorcing the drive from, and breaking all connections with, the Windows-based technology that catalyzed the company's entry into the hybrid SSD business to begin with. Back inSeagate appeared to stand firm against what many believed to be the coming wave of solid-state storage technology, made feasible by more reliable flash RAM technology whose costs were plummeting and form factors shrinking. Seagate said at the time that flash wasn't exactly as reliable as it seemed on paper compared to magnetic disks, in which the company was solidly invested.

Webrankinfo url rewriting asp

There are several good webrankinfo url rewriting asp why Ballmer is the right man at the right time, but one stands out. He turned around another important Microsoft product: It was a startling proclamation. The division, now called Windows and Windows Live, had no president running operations.

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There was Steven Sinfosky in charge of day-to-day Windows development, but no executive above him. Ballmer took the role that Sinfosky inherited in July as president. After bungling Vista, Microsoft got Windows 7 right, under Ballmer's supervision.

Microsoft's May 25th Entertainment and Devices reorganization removed two key leaders from power: Divisional president Robbie Bach and creative leader J Allard. Same day, I called the reorganization " doomed ," because of the leaders filling the vacuum.

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But since I got to thinking about the reorganization differently. Accountability now firmly stops at the top. Competitors are invading Microsoft Territory At first blush, Ballmer doesn't look like the right man for the job. He represents Microsoft's past successes -- Office and Windows -- at a time when Microsoft must move beyond the products.

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As I asserted on May 26th: Microsoft will long dominate the PC, but the mobile device-to-cloud service apps stack is rapidly diminishing the Windows PC's relevance. Microsoft's mobile strategy is a train wreck. The company's living room strategy is ailing, with only Xbox and Xbox Live holding up the structure.

Microsoft is under assault from non-desktop operating systems encroaching on long-held territory. Apple and Google already have games in their mobile app stores and infrastructure for collecting payments and delivering the goods. Xbox's next competitive threat may come from Apple, which already has squeezed Nintendo and Sony in the handheld gaming market.

Ballmer is right to take charge, to be the go-to man for Entertainment and Devices.

webrankinfo url rewriting asp

Microsoft's future is at risk if competitors confine the company to just one screen -- the PC. Microsoft has long advocated a three-screen -- PC, TV and mobile phone -- strategy, but failed to deliver. Do-or-die time is coming. The failure isn't Ballmer taking charge but not doing so sooner.

Projects like the Courier tablet demonstrate how far off Entertainment and Devices leadership had strayed. Courier's two-panel design simply made no sense. There's nothing sensible about Courier as a consumer product. He understands customers, and he understands how Microsoft should treat them and how to successfully woo partners.

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Windows Phone 7 needs the sales pitch of a lifetime. Same may be said of aging Xbox and Xbox Live, particularly with Apple and Google circling the living room liking vultures over a carcass.

Windows Phone 7 development is already far enough along.

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Like Windows, Ballmer needs to focus more on marketing and go-to-market strategy, stuff he is really good at.By Scott M.

Fulton, III, Betanews. Whether the "Windows era" is genuinely over for PCs is a matter of some debate; but the last week in both US and international markets is making clear that the dominance of PCs as technology platforms is now fully challenged by mobile devices.

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webrankinfo url rewriting asp

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