Ways to promote indonesian tourism in

In the globalization era, development of information and technology has grown rapidly. Internet makes the distance no longer a problem in communication. According to the data published by internet live stats, the internet user in the world reaches about 3.

Ways to promote indonesian tourism in


To understand what levers to use to attract new visitors is their greatest challenge. Choosing a place to visit is a voluntary act by the individual traveller who, faced with an incredible variety of offers, chooses one that nearly meets his budget and makes him feel that it can guarantee the well-being he seeks.

Ways to promote indonesian tourism in

While competition and the offer of new places is increasing every day, it is increasingly important to identify market niches in which to place your territory. In this way you Ways to promote indonesian tourism in get the advantage of concentrating efforts on achievable goals and having advance knowledge of the types of tourists who might choose your place for his trip.

Knowing the particular interests of your tourist, his hobbies and his interests, allows you to be able to more easily reach him through social networks which, by their nature, are structured around common interests.

In a period of well-being it can be, of course, much easier. Just review the success of Dubai, that until thirty years ago was just a desert trading post, to understand the power of money in the tourism sector.

The solutions we propose, however, need something different to money: We have seen successful cases where these processes have been initiated by politicians but others in which the catalysts were citizens who became promoters of change by starting businesses that have involved and impressed the local population.

As for the logistics, we will not deal with projects involving major works but will assume that we have available a kit of basic infrastructure, i. We will not dwell on things that cannot be dealt with by local administrators but which need involvement of central governments.

Ways to promote indonesian tourism in

Taking care of your place — with love Love seems something obvious but it is not, yet it is something that is felt immediately by a visitor and puts him in a positive state in which small local faults are read benevolently.

Every mishap can be approached with a laugh or a rage: Let us illustrate by a very trivial example: In this case there are hundreds of culprits: If my daughter comes home leaving a sock on the floor while I am preparing for guests, I do not expect them to have to pick it up.

If I have someone who is helping me I can pick it up, otherwise I will pick it up directly while I order the house for guests.

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The same thing must occur for our cities. If we wait for and want tourists, who are our guests, our city must be neat and clean. But it is a difficult step to take. It takes a great inner strength to take care of the public areas and maybe feel proud to do so, to look people in the eyes while cleaning the street.

It has been proved that where the sense of public places is a common good, the spirit of the whole area changes and this positive atmosphere is immediately perceived by those who are not locals, by tourists or occasional visitors.

In reality it does not stop at just cleaning streets to attract and excite anyone, we need to pay attention to those thousand little details that are the personal contribution of the local citizens.

About Bali Statistics Indonesia BPS The table above shows that the number of foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia has grown steadily between and

The love for the place where you live is perceived. It may be manifested with flowers, plants, colours, furnishings and small embellishments on the facades of the houses that create harmony and wellbeing.

These are small details spread throughout your town that can never be programmed by one person, but come from the many individual efforts. The surprising effect, then, is that the more we take care of a place and the more people behave well and feel uncomfortable to throw paper or butts on the floor, the more they help to not to pollute.

Certainly if you have the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower everything seems easier and these two world symbols alone can move millions of tourists. But for these we are talking of mass tourism and to get to those big numbers needs large investment. We think of the places of religious or spiritual worship, not many of which seem to be rich in archaeological and historical beauties.

Ways to Promote Indonesian Tourism in Abroad by Faizal Januar Ramdhoni on Prezi

We think of sports or musical gatherings, and we also think of the passions, hobbies, design and food. But it is also an added value in all other situations in which you want to promote a territory for other attractions because, if a traveller decides to embark on a journey, he will certainly eat at the location and will taste local dishes.

Of course, fast food and poor quality can have a negative effect on more than the stomach, they create bad memories. Travelling between the small Italian towns and villages gives many surprises in the attractiveness of simple initiatives that have been able to change the local economies.

For half an hour, at an agreed signal, the village is lit only by candles to the sound of classical music. The number of tourists is so high now that the show was doubled during the early evening, then the numbers of days were increased, and finally they also started a summer edition at the seaside in Pesaro.

The introduction of Bali Tourism Association

Getting to Candelara during one of the festive days requires observing an incredible organizational machine that manages tens of thousands of people from different parts of Europe on local village roads and narrow streets of the town.

Other success stories involve many other events:Ways to promote Indonesian tourism in abroad. Indonesia is a really huge country with also “huge” cultures.

Indonesia is also known as the world’s largest archipelago state consisting of thousands of islands. Jun 22,  · To promote cooperation in the field of tourism between Vietnam and Bali – a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, in the late September, , the Embassy of Vietnam in Indonesia led by the Ambassador Hoang Anh Tuan visited and worked with Bali Tourism Association and Bali Tourism promotion Association.

Ten diaspora restaurants across three continents signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tourism Ministry during the Tourism National Coordinating Meeting in Bali on Friday as part of their support for promoting Indonesian tourism. Currently, Indonesia's tourism sector accounts for approximately four percent of the total economy.

By , the Indonesian government wants to have doubled this figure to 8 percent of GDP, an ambitious target (possibly overly ambitious) which implies that within the next four years, the number of visitors needs to double to about 20 million.

Oct 07,  · The tourism industry is very much suited to social media.

Using Social Media to Promote Indonesian Tourism Industry. – Yuni Suryati

Social media exists to bring people together, therefore it has made a huge impact and wide-reaching effect on the tourism industry. Consumers can engage with social networking sites to research trips and organize informed decisions about their travels.

A Tourism National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) held from March 22 to 23 by the Tourism Ministry has led to the proposal of nomadic tourism. benjaminpohle.com reported that nomadic tourism is said to be a way to offer tourism in Indonesia’s amazing natural destinations without using up too much time.

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