Sasusaku essay 2012

However, things take a turn for the worst when the pharaoh awakens from his slumber seeking vengeance. Bed of Eden by That angry kid reviews A rare and debilitating disorder took away her chances of living a normal life at a young age, now she is finally coming to a point in her life where she will have to traverse through different waves of crippling difficulty and revelations. Touch by GreyCatsidhe reviews After the war, Sakura suggests a new therapy to help Sasuke heal and get better sleep. The recovering Uchiha is uncomfortable with the implications of the healing and what the fluttering in his stomach means.

Sasusaku essay 2012

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I saw this thread earlier but had no time to answer. I was shocked you decided to go there, good sir. I think anyone who can't admit to the abusive qualities of any relationship that involves Sasuke needs help.

It's not really up for debate. It's not abusive in a traditional sense, but it's certainly never healthy when one party has gone over the deep end.

There's absolutely no reason for either of them to have anything akin to battered wife syndrome.


Does SasuSaku seem ideally romantic? Regardless of how Sasuke turns out, does it send a positive message if Sakura goes running back to him? Or does it degrade her character for many, even moreso? Actually, in a strange sense it bears the skeleton of a very common, and often desired romantic archetype.

Pre-murder attempts, Sasuke is the cold, broken, bad boy that Sakura needs to swoop in and start mending; a guy "she can change". Some people enjoy that simple crap, and had Sakura turned out to be half the healer she was as a personalitythese roles might have been legitamate in their relationship.

Now it's more someone blinded by love loose termwho would forego changing him if it was too hard a task if it meant she could be crazy with him. She doesn't care what it does to him, Sasusaku essay 2012 herself, it's all about him acknowledging her with even the slightest fondness, and it's so, so, so sad.

As it pertains to Naruto, does this reflect anything close to the ideal or even basic friendship or surrogate brotherhood? Perhaps in this manga, yes, but not in general. It started out as something that could be healthy, and even create a bond thicker than blood, but as it stands now, obviously something is not kosher; for SN fans, naturally it is seen at the very least, a questionable one-sided affair, but what it truly is, I doubt we'll know for sure - this je ne sais quoi is found in ItaSasu as well, and it's alarmingly unbrotherly, at least by IRL standards.

It's mutated into something strange, where some interpret it as possibly obsession stemmed from things like denial of failure or extreme feelings of inadequacy, and others evaluate it on a more romantic ground, but however you look at this thing we're all seeing, it's not ideally brotherly.

Naruto either has fallen for Sasuke hard, or he needs a trip to the shrink, because this is all about him and his own scarred psyche after all. Do the developments between Naruto and Sasuke make sense of Naruto's obsession?

No, but in Narutoland it has the bare minimum pass. This kid was an orphan, ostracised by his entire world the town for most of his life, and Sasuke, however reluctant at first, was not only a lot like him, but recognised Naruto in a way no one else would or could.

Sasuke symbolises that achievement, and it makes sense he wants to go after it, not let it go. Does it make sense he would go just this far for a simple bond and a feeling of achievement?

Well, see the final sentence of the above paragraph. Does the willingness for him to be hypocritical when it comes to Sasuke compromise his hero status?

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Is placing self-value on how another turns out unhealthy or admirable? I think it does, but mangaland doesn't. That is, is it fair for him to be hypocritical - no. However in Narutoverse, it makes him an unrelenting hero for not giving up on his friends when everyone else does.

I don't think him basing his self-value on his accomplishments with Sasuke is right, but again, this is no normal brotherly bond he's protecting. In real life, this would be considered lo--that is to say it would be him feeling Sasuke to be an extension of himself, and once that happens, Sasuke's well being becomes his own well being.

Why does he view Sasuke as part of himself? Answers have still not shown themselves, eh Kishi. Is it really that much different, at least in regards to being fucked up? Why put one or the other on a pedestal? Neither represent even the most basic ideal or brotherhood.

There is a victim for each, suffering at the hands of the other. Does any last minute change make any of that OK? SasuNaru reflects ItaSasu in many ways, but there are glaring differences that make ItaSasu even worse.

Itachi is Sasuke's brother, and is several years older than him, and though still a child at the time he damaged Sasuke like he did, he was still responsible for his impression on Sasuke. At 12, 13ish, he should have known better than to say some of the things he did to the moulding clay that is a 7 year old child.

To be honest, I bet you anything the reasons ItaSasu is as fucked up as it is, is because Kishi never intended to go full circle-tragic-hero with Itachi. It was bad enough when he was just a bad guy, and destroyed little Sasuke's idol as he did, but what made it truly fucked up was when Sasuke, already half-mad from chasing after this murderous figure, had trouble retracting his hatred when finding out almost immediately after killing him, his brother's true motives and feelings.

Bad idea Kishi Itachi, what a fail plan for protecting the little brother you loved so much:CAN'T F I G H T THIS F E E L I N G ANYMORE (SasuSaku.

Oneshot. M-rated) A one-shot that will guarantee you, guys that I am still freaking alive.. AKIRA-CHAN IF YOU'RE READING THIS. THEN I FORBID YOU TO CONTINUE FURTHER.

Sasusaku essay 2012

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