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The growing interest to understand the role Islamic religion, culture and values play in business management practices has spawned research investigating Islam and business ethics, Islamic banking and Islamic leadership styles. To date, however, very limited research has been published on Islam and HRM practices. What has been published so far focuses on normative aspects of Islamic management with little emphasis on practice.

Islamic hrm

Theological differences[ edit ] The legal and governing principles upon which the Islamic Republic of Iran is based differ in some respects from the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Cairo Declaration on Islamic hrm Rights in Islam Sharia law, as interpreted in the Islamic Republic and by many Muslimscalls for inequality of rights between genders, religions, sexual orientation, as well as for other internationally criticised practices such as stoning as a method of execution.

Three recognized religious minorities "are free to perform their religious Islamic hrm and ceremonies. The Iranian penal code distinguishes two types of punishments: Punishments falling within the category of Hududs are applied to people committing offenses against the State, such as adulteryalcohol consumption, burglary or petty theftrebellions against Islamic authorityapostasy and homosexual intercourse considered contrary to the spirit of Islam.

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Victims of private crimes, such as murder or rape, can exercise a right to retribution Qisas or decide to accept "blood money" Diyyah or Talion Law.

In DecemberAyatollah Shahroudihead of the judicial system, reportedly sent judges a memorandum requesting the suspension of stoning and asking them to choose other forms of sanctions. InAmnesty International reported that Iran was about to execute a woman by stoning for adultery.

Amnesty urged Tehran to give reprieve to the woman. Her sentence is currently on hold pending "consideration by the pardons commission.

He added that if stoning sentences were passed by lower courts, they were overruled by higher courts and "no such verdicts have been carried out. If a man dies without offspring, his estate is inherited by his parents. Article [63] When the heirs are children, the inheritance of the sons is twice that of the daughters.

Article [63] According to Zahra Eshraghi, granddaughter of Ayatollah Khomeini, "Discrimination here [in Iran] is not just in the constitution. As a woman, if I want to get a passport to leave the country, have surgery, even to breathe almost, I must have permission from my husband.

Status of religious freedom in Iran The constitution recognizes the freedom of ZoroastrianJewish, and Christian Iranians to perform their religious rites and ceremonies, and accords non-Shia Muslims "full respect" article In the case of adultery, for example, a Muslim man who is convicted of committing adultery with a Muslim woman receives lashes; the sentence for a non-Muslim man convicted of adultery with a Muslim woman is death.

In the s, two Muslim converts to Christianity who had become ministers were sentenced to death for apostasy and other charges. A photograph of Batebi holding a bloody shirt aloft was printed on the cover of The Economist magazine. Of the 43 child offenders recorded as having been executed since11 were still under the age of 18 at the time of their execution while the others were either kept on death row until they had reached 18 or were convicted and sentenced after reaching that age.

In the new law, the age of 18 solar year would be for both genders considered and juvenile offenders will be sentenced on a separate law than of adults.

In a study of torture in Iran published inIranian-born political historian Ervand Abrahamian included Iran along with " Stalinist RussiaMaoist Chinaand early modern Europe" of the Inquisition and witch huntsas societies that "can be considered to be in a league of their own" in the systematic use of torture.

Of these, the most prevalent was the whipping of soles, obviously because it was explicitly sanctioned by the sharia.

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These stints could last months — until the prisoner agreed to the interview. Few avoided the interview and also remained sane. Others were forced to join firing squads and remove dead bodies. When they returned to their cells with blood dripping from their hands, Their roommates surmised what had transpired.

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New Evidence of Torture in Iran Since the Elections", [] is a study of 50 Iranian torture cases and provides an alarming insight into the brutality of the Iranian authorities in the years since the elections.Islamic Hrm Essay.


Subjects. Click on the button to open the dropdown menu, and use the input field to search for subjects via dropdown. The state of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been criticized both by Iranians and international human right activists, writers, and NGOs.

Islamic hrm

The United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Commission have condemned prior and ongoing abuses in Iran in published critiques and several resolutions. The government of Iran is criticized both for restrictions and punishments.

Randall Collins traces the movement of philosophical thought in ancient Greece, China, Japan, India, the medieval Islamic and Jewish world, medieval Christendom, and modern Europe. Training and Development of Human Capital in Islamic Banking Industry Norhanim Dewa 1 Sabarudin Zakaria 2 This has also been highlighted by the rise of human resource management (HRM) Training and Development of Human Capital in Islamic Banking Industry.

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