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Hsc 3013blank The invention provides compositions and methods for delivering agents to localized regions, tissues, or organs in vivo by conjugating agent-loaded nanoparticles to cells having homing capability.

The agents may be therapeutic or diagnostic agents such as cancer chemotherapeutic agents and imaging agents respectively. The government has certain rights in this invention.

Field of Invention The invention relates to the delivery of agents to localized regions, tissues, or cells in the body using nanoparticles and cells. Strategies that enhance the persistence, in vivo expansion, and effector functions of ACT T cells should increase the frequency of objective responses.

Rosenberg S A et al. One way to enhance the function of ACT T cells is via genetic engineering of the cells themselves, introducing chimeric receptors or costimulatory molecules. Interleukin-family cytokines such as IL-2 and IL have been of particular interest for promoting the effector functions and proliferation of anti-tumor T cells.

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However, IL-2 expands regulatory T cells that can suppress anti-tumor immune responses, is known to promote activation-induced cell death AICD in T cells, and has substantial toxicity when administered systemically.

In an unusual mode of function, physiologic IL signaling has been shown to be largely mediated by presentation of the cytokine in trans: IL has been used interchangeably with IL-2 as a systemic therapy in preclinical models of ACT, promoting destruction of large melanoma tumors when combined with booster vaccination to drive expansion of adoptively transferred tumor-specific T cells.

This non-specific polyclonal T cell activation elicited by systemic IL SA may raise the risk of autoimmunity if treatment is prolonged.

Complementary to these signals, Toll-like receptor TLR ligands have been used in cancer immunotherapy by driving activation of dendritic cells DCs and other APCs both in tumor-draining lymph nodes and directly in the tumor microenvironment.

TLRs are pattern recognition receptors that have evolved to detect a variety of molecules associated with pathogens ranging from bacteria to fungi to viruses. Beutler, Nature Thus, these factors are under study as potential adjuvants for vaccines.

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TLR signaling is implicated in breaking regulatory T cell-mediated tolerance Pasare et al. Regression of large established melanoma tumors achieved by adoptive therapy augmented with a viral vector vaccination boost may function in part through the sustained TLR engagement provided by viral vector immunization.

In other studies, repeated injections of TLR ligands directly into tumors has been used to promote the activation of tumor-resident APCs and drive effective local immune responses.

TLR ligands in combination with IL blockade have also been shown to convert dysfunctional DCs in the tumor microenvironment into a pro-immunity functional state. Drug-loaded synthetic biodegradable polymer nanoparticles are becoming of more interest for treating a variety of diseases, as they may offer a low-cost, readily manufacturable means to achieve sustained drug delivery at selected target tissue sites and concentrate drugs where they are needed in the body.

In the delivery of protein therapeutics, synthetic drug delivery particles particles with sizes in the nm range, typically may be able to achieve results comparable to other means of delivery such as viral vectors Green et al. In cancer therapy, passive accumulation of nanoparticles at tumor sites via the enhanced permeation and retention effect Maeda et al.

Hsc 3013blank

However, treatment of metastatic disease via systemic injection of nanoparticle drug carriers is limited by the rapid clearance of typical nanoparticles. Owens, Int J Pharm 1:Certificates And Diplomas Victoria University Completed the first year (grade 11 certificate) with an overall average of at least.

Completed the fifth year (NCEA Level 3) with an overall score of at least: NA. 2/13/ 10 31 6 4.

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