Csci 109 online syllabus 0115

Be sure you make it to the ones scheduled. Only your best five quiz scores will count. One reason behind allowing you to drop your lower quiz scores is to create some slack in case you need to be away from class during the semester either for a planned activity e. Note also that the quiz will be administered in class but it is impossible to predict exactly when during the lecture it will occur.

Csci 109 online syllabus 0115

While the class will not always follow the order or presentation style of the textbook, the textbook is an excellent source for much of the material.

Students can use older versions of the textbook if they so desire. In addition to the textbook, you should download and possibly print the Lecture notes. These are based on teaching of CSCI in past semesters, and cover the material quite accurately as presented in class. However, the lecture notes may be out of order as we have changed the schedule slightly.

In addition, we will post Powerpoint slides the day before lecture. Notice, however, that the lecture itself is intended as supplemental to the textbook, not a replacement. Reading Assignments Readings from the book, lecture notes and other sources form the base of your learning pyramid.

Course Logistics

These readings contain theoretical concepts, examples and usable code that will be very helpful for all the work in this course. It is strongly recommended that students read the relevant chapters of the textbook before coming to class.

Class will proceed at a brisk pace and often be more focused on providing extra intuition and discussions rather than rehashing the book content in great detail. Other forms of academic dishonesty are equally unacceptable. See additional information in SCampus and university policies on scientific misconduct, http: Discrimination, sexual assault, and harassment are not tolerated by the university.

You are encouraged to report any incidents to the Office of Equity and Diversity http: This is important for the safety of the whole USC community. Another member of the university community - such as a friend, classmate, advisor, or faculty member - can help initiate the report, or can initiate the report on behalf of another person.

The Center for Women and Men http: Check with your advisor or program staff to find out more. Students whose primary language is not English should check with the American Language Institute http: The Office of Disability Services and Programs http: If an officially declared emergency makes travel to campus infeasible, USC Emergency Information http:For general questions regarding CSCI courses, you may email [email protected] CSCI xg: Explorations in Computing ( units) CSCI Introduction to Computer Science ( units) An introduction to, and overview of, Computer Science; both as a discipline and a body of knowledge.

CSCI Course Information. Discussion: Review Final Exam Discussion: Navigating the World Wide Web, Electronic Mail, and ERAU Hunt Library.» News Reports» Present Group Project Presentations. CSCI__Online_Syllabus_ Page 2 of 7 existing knowledge of using computer systems and pertinent applications.

Students will increase their skills with the most popular computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, electronic mail, presentation software, and internet. Computer literacy is presented through lectures.

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Syllabus Required Textbook.

Csci 109 online syllabus 0115

We are using the textbook C++ for Everyone by Cay S. Horstmann. It has been ordered to the USC bookstore, or you can order it online. Reading this book is mandatory: lectures will reinforce the material it covers, but we will assume you already have basic familiarity each week with the chapters that are required reading.

Syllabus – Fall CSCI Lecture Schedule: Chapter references are from Y. Daniel Liang, Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive Version,

CS Data Science Syllabus