An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation

September 11 terrorist attacks [ edit ] 2, The deadliest aviation-related disaster of any kind, considering fatalities on both the aircraft and the ground, was the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11,

An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation


This course will provide you with a detailed and basic understanding of the process of aircraft accident investigation and timeline construction process Aircraft accident and incident investigations typically calls on a multi discipline approach to fact finding reconstruction and determination, typically supported by subject matter experts in design, manufacturing, certification, together with inservice operation and maintenance.

As a representative or stakeholder who is active in observing or supporting the process it is essential to have a strong understanding of aircraft accident investigation and reconstruction methodology. TBA Who is the Course for?

An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation

It is for anyone with an interest to get deeper into the fundamentals of Aircraft Accident Investigation. The course is intended to provide participants with the basic tools by which they will be able to provide for and perform an investigation on organisational accidents, incidents and other safety related issues.

Industry personnel who are wishing to achieve an overview of the various techniques, process and related understanding of human factors related to event analysis. Airline Operational, Safety Management System and Quality Staff who wish to achieve an understanding of the investigation process which provides you with the knowledge to support and participate in a formal investigations.

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CAA administrations, airport authorities, air navigation service providers ANSP and other related aviation organisations and stake holders.

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An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation

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Delegates should bring their Lap tops as part of the training program.

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Duration — 3 Days — Each Training day will commence at Aircraft History. The incident aircraft was serviceable on the day of the accident and the last maintenance performance was the A check at hrs, on 29 Oct The current airframe hours is hrs, hrs since last service.

accident or serious incident is to prevent future accidents or serious incidents. The legal assessment of accident/incident causes and circumstances is expressly no concern of the accident investigation.

It is therefore not the purpose of this investigation to determine blame or clarify questions of liability. A multinational search effort, the most extensive and expensive in aviation history, has thus far failed to locate them, though debris from the aircraft were recovered on July 29, In Germany, the agency for investigating air crashes is the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation (BFU).

Therefore, aircraft accidents are divided into four categories ranging from 'major investigation' to 'limited investigation.' A major investigation will likely be conducted in the case that it involves a large airline, important people, or terrorism. A Look at Aircraft Accident Analysis in the Early Days: Do Early The Introduction describes the history of the development of the report, noting that the proposed method of accident An aircraft accident is defined as follows: “An aircraft accident is an occurrence which takes place while an aircraft.

The convention allowed states to generate their own rules for accident investigation, so long as the core practices of Annex 13 were incorporated and investigative practices aligned with ICAO Doc , the Manual of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

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