An analysis of the evidences of gods love in old testament

June 6, at 8: Jesus is 24th Generation from David, through Joseph. Hope this helps, sorry for my poor english.

An analysis of the evidences of gods love in old testament

The myth was born in the Greco-Roman age with Diodoro Siculo. He made a claim that in B. Because of that, in few days, they slaughtered two hundred children.

Recent archaeological discoveries have disavowed this macabre religious tradition, demonstrating that among Phoenicians there is no trace of human sacrifices.

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This appears in an interview, in the new issue of the Italian review: He undertook a major excavation campaign in Zama, Tunisia, that is linked to the fall of Carthage after the battle of Zama in B. The battle ended the second Punic war.

He declares that, "In ancient times, for every ten children that were born, seven died within the first year and out of the remained three, only one became an adult. Actually it has been discovered -- Bartoloni reveals -- that the greater part of approximately 6, children urns found in Carthage, contain bones of fetuses, therefore of still born babies.

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The little older children remain a problem. They most probably passed away before their initiation, a ceremony that corresponds to Catholic baptism. They jumped on burning coals, as written in the Bible, the Book of the Kings.

Piero Bartoloni dal ha effettuato missioni archeologiche, prospezioni terrestri e subacquee e viaggi di studio in Italia, in Europa, in Africa e nel Nord-America. Some of the more sensational stories, such as those related by the first-century B.

What if, however, the classical sources are unreliable?

An analysis of the evidences of gods love in old testament

This is the stuff of myth, not history. Now, when we come to more credible sources, like the Roman historian Polybius c. Polybius had no love of Carthage; he fought against the city. His evidence would have been decisive. But he does not make the least allusion to child sacrifice at Carthage.

Nor does the Roman historian Livy c.

An analysis of the evidences of gods love in old testament

Livy was relatively well informed about Carthage, yet he was not so affectionate toward the city as to cover up what would have been in his eyes the worst of infamies: Stager and Samuel R. This issue is out of print. To order a photocopy of this article, call us at So it is not clear at all from the classical sources that the Carthaginians sacrificed their children to the gods.

The word "Tophet" is only known from the Hebrew Bible; it occurs several times in Jeremiah, once in Isaiah and once in Kings, always in the same context: Judahite king Josiah] defiled Tophet, which is in the valley of Ben-hinnom, so that no one would make a son or a daughter pass through fire as an offering to Moloch" 2 Kings The fact is, however, that the biblical passages do not mention sacrifice.

They only refer to passing children through fire. Neither the classical sources nor the biblical passages provide conclusive evidence concerning the events that took place in the Carthage Tophet. What about the physical facts? The Tophet was a sacred space where urns containing the incinerated bones of children were buried.

These remains, moreover, were no doubt buried ritually, in accord with Punic religious or cultic laws. Marking some urns are stelae bearing Phoenician inscriptions, along with symbols like the triangular symbol of the goddess Tanit and figural images.

The incinerated remains are those of very young children, even fetuses; in certain urns, the bones of animals have been discovered. In some cases the urns contain the remains of children and animals mixed together.

How do we account for these facts? This interpretation, however, confronts a sizable obstacle: Many of the thousands of inscriptions engraved on the burial stelae are votive. Not one of these inscriptions, however, mentions death.

The texts of the inscriptions in the Carthage Tophet suggest that the sanctuary was open to everyone, regardless of nationality or social status.News Recent news, upcoming events, and new to the website; Exhibits Key evidences, fossils, dino trivia, and the early earth.

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Many of the Old Testament prophecies (like Malachi ) demand that the temple be standing when the Messiah came. It was destroyed in A.D. 70 in fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy (Matthew ). Indeed, there was a narrow historical window in which the Messiah could come.

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